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10 Mile Productions

10 Mile, named after a famously winding back road just outside of Brownwood, Texas. Together in 2019, Sara and Hayley Cox produced their first vintage of Zinfandel grapes from Reddy Vineyards in the Texas High Plains and in July of 2020 they harvested their first harvest of Blanc Du Bois from Western Hills Vineyard in Victoria, TX.

They opened their Tasting Room in the Historic District of Downtown Brownwood, TX in April 2021. They love hand harvesting most of their grapes and making their own wine is a passion for Sara and Hayley. Fostering the 100% Texas mantra and highlighting the best of all the Texas Terroirs have to offer.  Both Sara and Hayley are Texas Tech University Graduates specializing in Enology and Viticulture. They planted their own vineyard called the " Brownwood Urban Vineyard Project" in 2022 and plan to continue to grow more in 2023.

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Sara takes care of everything from wines, vines and the kitchen at 10 Mile. A former Veteran of Army National Guard for 12 years she has done her fair share of serving. Now co-owner of 10 Mile Productions she carries so many trades to boot. An accomplished viticulturist graduating in 2022 from Texas Tech University, also an electrician and now main Chef of the 10 Mile Craft Kitchen. Whether its learning, growing or creating she is a wealth of knowledge. 

Hayley's 11 year career in wine began in a tasting room. She worked as a Cellar Master, involved in every facet of a grape's life from soil to bottle, over the years she evolved into an Assistant Winemaker co-owns 10 Mile Productions. ​




Tiara Rosalez

Tiara has been working in Texas Wine since 2018. Her knowledge and skills have made her a vital part of the 10 Mile Tasting Room since 2021

Halle Romero

Halle is the backbone of the 10 Mile Craft Kitchen. She has been working in mixology, wine and culinary arts since 2011.

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