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Spring 2023 Vineyard Update

Sara and Jaeleen have been working super hard in the vineyard this week. We lost some of our primary buds on March 25th due to a late freeze. It swept down from the north and hit the Brownwood area and Dublin, TX. The last two years we have partenered with Lucky Vines in Dublin, TX creating several different reds and rose's from their Montepulciano and Tempranillo. It was a bummer, but all hope is not lost. Grape vines come with 2 back-ups believe it or not. In a grape vine there is a primary bud, secondary bud and a tertiary bud. One third of the vineyard is running on its secondary buds at the moment and we have seen lots of new growth over the last several weeks. We fixed a couple of plumbing issues last week and Sara pounded in about 30 new t-posts. Ya'll it is really starting to look like a real vineyard and we are excited! 130 Dolcetto vines are on their second leaf this year. We are in the processes of training and running part of the trellis system. The Brownwood Urban Vineyard project has been really fun to get going and see all the newness and life that spring has to offer! Hayley also planted a small garden next to it with tomatoes, peppers and okra. We want to utilize them in the kitchen in a few months, it should be a cool project!

Cheers to many more springs!

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